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Win-Win Business Contracts

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


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November 20, 2009

When negotiating business contracts and business deals, there are many important business legal issues that present themselves. Also, individuals are faced with organizational and growth obstacles in life and in business. That’s why Turkish American Chamber of Commerce & Industry (TACCI) held an informative seminar titled Negotiating Business Contracts & The Future of the Organization.

Speakers Dr. Domenico Lepore and Attorney Mr. Mark Meirowitz throroughly discussed important issues, and gave valuable approaches for dealing with business contract and organization matters. The guests who attended the seminar walked away with invaluable information thanks to the ingenious speakers’ important advice and information.

Once the important issues on hand were discussed, the guests had the chance to meet and speak with Lepore and Meirowitz. This event also provided an excellent stage for the attendees to network with one another.


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Seminar: Negotiating the Business Deal; An exploration of dealing with and resolving business legal issues

Presenter: Mark Meirowitz

November 5, 2009

Spain-US Chamber of Commerce

When negotiating business deals, there are many important business legal issues that present themselves that can lead to the success or failure of the deal. We will discuss some of these issues, and consider possible approaches for dealing with these matters.

The presentation will include:
*some complex legal issues and provisions that might come up during negotiations and how to handle them.
*preparation, preparation, preparation!
*prioritizing your key deal points.
*trying to assess risk, and how to deal with risk.
*communication issues during negotiations.

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When negotiating business contracts there are many important provisions that are often overlooked. For example, indemnification, representations and warranties and covenants can significantly affect the economics of a deal. During the seminar, we will discuss these and other provisions, and possible approaches to dealing with them.  Click here to view!