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Some reflections on English in Turkey:

There is a movement in China called “Crazy English” which is a super intensive English course, and it is my understanding that millions of Chinese are intensively studying English. Why are the Chinese doing this? Li Yang, the founder and head teacher of Crazy English is quoted in an article in The New Yorker magazine as saying that the ability to speak English is tied to “personal strength” and “personal strength” is “tied to national power”. Li’s slogan is “Conquer English to Make China Stronger”. To me this makes a great deal of sense. I was astonished at what The New Yorker article said about English study in China: “A vast national appetite has elevated English language to something more than a language: it is not simply a tool but a defining measure of life’s potential…Linguists estimate that the number of Chinese now studying English at between 200 and 350 million, a figure that is on the order of the population of the United States”.


Remembering The Turkish Brigade in The Korean War PDF Print E-mail

It is Memorial Day 2009 in the United States, and I believe it is very fitting to remember with respect and thanks the contribution and heroism of the Turkish Brigade in the Korean War. These Turkish soldiers fought with bravery and heroism side by side with American soldiers.

In June, 1950, following the invasion by North Korea of South Korea, Turkey responded by sending a brigade of 5,000 troops to the conflict. “Turkey is ready to meet her responsibilities” was Turkey’s response to the need for action to combat the North Korean aggressor.

A Memo to Foreign Minister Davutoğlu - Dışişleri Bakanı’na Duyuru PDF Print E-mail


To: the Hon. Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu

First, I wish to congratulate you on assuming the vitally important position of Foreign Minister of Turkey. You are taking on this position at a time when Turkey is faced with very significant problems, both at home and abroad. I thought I might make some respectful observations and suggestions that you should consider taking into account when dealing with Turkey’s foreign policy issues.

Momentous Events for Turkey PDF Print E-mail
Last week (the week of April 20th) was a momentous one for Turkey - in one week: Turkey and Armenia agreed to enter into a road map for more peaceful relations and open their borders; President Obama made a statement on Armenian Remembrance Day in which he did not use the "G" word (Genocide) but referred to the events in 1915 as atrocities (using the Armenian term for this); the anniversary of the battle at Gallipoli was observed; and the International Children’s Day - Cocuk Bayrami – was celebrated throughout Turkey and by Turks around the world.
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